50.8 Acre Estate at Barton Creek
in the Mountain Pine Ridge area of Cayo District


Sold By Rainforest Realty

View from one of many swimming areas in Barton Creek

Bottom Center (2 Green Roofs) are the House and Cabana


Look no further, your Belize Oasis awaits!

Nestled in a beautiful mountain valley in the heart of a Mennonite
, this property is perfect for use as a permanent
residence, private getaway, bed and breakfast or an eco resort.
It offers you the seclusion of a remote hideaway but with all the comforts of home (hot water, electricity, satellite internet, etc.), and still only be 30 minutes to town. Everything you need comes with the property, all you have to do is move in.

It is within a 5 min. drive or 20 min. walk from the famous
Barton Creek Cave, an easy drive to Caracol Mayan Ruins and the 1,000 foot falls. Plus there are many areas to enjoy bird and butterfly watching.


Main House and Cabana

One of many types of flowers that grow on the property

Land Department Survey Map
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Click on the 'Property Layout Map' to the right to see the location of buildings, many trails, driveways, points of interest...

The land covers a total area of 50.8 acres. The creek frontage at 1,900 ft is absolutely stunning with different landscapes; large old trees, beaches and cliffs. The depth of the property is approximately 1,530 ft. Located in a valley, it has flat areas, hills and mountains.
It is rich in vegetation and has a beautiful natural spring. Two sections of the land have been cleared; approx. 2.5 acres for the orchard and 1.0 acre for the new homes.

  Property Layout Map showing location
of buildings, trails, driveways,
points of interest...
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Sold By Rainforest Realty

Little Waterfall in Barton Creek


Barton creek has pristine water and flows year round, and as far as anyone can remember it has never dried up. Beautiful for swimming, this creek holds a variety of small fish and other life such as turtles.

The flow comes from the Pineridge area and the Barton Creek Cave. It runs all the way to the Belize River, which is possible to reach by canoe.

Large Fig Tree over Barton Creek
View from above House and Cabana

Landscaping around House and Cabana


Pictured on the left and right are the the main house and cabana.
Built entirely of Belizean Hardwood (Cabbage Bark, Santa Maria, Mahoganny, Red Wood...), this new 1,500 sq. ft. home on concrete posts has been clear coated to preserve the natural color and beauty of the wood. The outside walls and ceiling are fully insulated for A/C.

Next to the main house is a new 480 sq. ft. (20' x 24') guest cabana.

Both feature an awesome location just above Barton Creek!

Office and Bedroom side of House with 3000 Gallon rain water tank

Landscaping around House and Cabana
Sold By Rainforest Realty
Main Entrance - French Doors open on to large Balcony

Bathroom Vanity with Marble Top


The lobby (left),
with it's 16' cathedral ceilings, make this home grand!
The bedroom (right) with king size bed, has two 5 foot hanger
closets and cross corner shelf closet.
All closets have bi-fold doors and all rooms have a ceiling fan.

The bathroom is very roomy. The 6' x 6' shower is equipped with
shower heads. The vanity, with marble counter top, has a
Cedar base handcrafted by one of the Mennonite neighbours!

The office/den (right middle) is spacious and has an awesome
view of the creek. This room also has a large walk in closet.

The kitchen comes with a Danby gas refrigerator and Acros 6 burner gas stove with oven. This spacious open concept kitchen has Corian counter tops and local hardwood top island...
Great for entertaining!

Next to the kitchen is a large living/dining room. This area is
prewired (in walls) for surround sound and is bordered by
the kitchen and lobby with 2 Mahogany topped pony walls.

Bedroom - Kingsize Bed included

Office / Den overlooking the Creek

Kitchen with Corian counter tops
Cabana Living Room and Bed  

The cabana has a queen size bed. It has a full bathroom
with a 5' hanger closet, small living area and kitchenette.
  Cabana Bathroom
Sold By Rainforest Realty
Old Mennonite House  

To the left is a beautiful old Mennonite house with stone foundation.
On the right is a second house, which has a cement garage under the large balcony. Both are located adjacent to the orchard.

One is currently used as a worker’s house and the other is vacant. It is helpful to have a worker, and with the inexpensive wages it is very affordable.

  Workers House and Garage
2400 Watt Solar System


This property is completely self sufficient with a state of the art solar system providing power to all buildings.

Also included is a Huto-Vilco (Honda) HG4500 generator
for backup, or power need away from any source.

Solar power is stable and very reliable! Best of all, you are independent! Learn more here: Producing And Storing Your Own Electricity

1 of 4 Solar Arrays
Sold By Rainforest Realty
.94m Broadband (Internet) Satellite Dish

Stay connected to the world.

The current package subscription to Hughes is the middle one and gives a speed of Download - Up to 1.5 mbps / Upload – Up to 200 kbps.

This system, in operation since December 2006, has been
working flawlessly with up to four computers browsing the internet, sending/receiving email and files at once. Phone calls to the USA over the internet are getting a clear connection.

How is this all set up? Find out more about Easy Broadband Satellite Internet Access.

Computer is included

Velvet (Monkey) Apples



Very lush and healthy, this property has an enormous array of fruit trees; Breadfruit, Cherry, Mommy Apple, Sour (or Malay) Apple, Pineapple, Tangelo, Lime, Wild Lemon, Grapefruit, Acki, Kumquat, Coffee, Cacao, Coconut, Cashew, Plum, Velvet Apple, Monkey Apple, Mango, Avocado (summer & winter), Starapple, Soursop, Bananas (Plantain, Red, Apple, Bologo, Gros Michel and more).

The variety of non-fruit trees is also tremendous. Some are; Sugar Cane, Cohune, Cedar, a variety of Palm Trees, All Spice, Rubber, Mahoganny, Ceiba, Fig, Gumbo Limbo and many more.

In addition to the wide variety of fruit that is available on the property, eggs, vegetables, honey, peanut butter, dairy (such as butter, milk, cream) and more can be purchased from your Mennonite neighbours. It is all fresh, natural, and organic!

Red Bananas

Sold By Rainforest Realty

Local Toucan


Pictured on the left is a Toucan, the national bird of Belize. A fairly regular visitor, Toucans love to hang out in Trumpet trees, which this property has plenty of. The Toucan comes in different varieties and you can view several of them in the early morning hours.

Pictured on the right is a beautiful male Iguana who spends much time in one of the trees out front of the house. Iguama's are shy and gentle animals that avoid interaction.

The jungle of Belize offers a wide range of wildlife which includes a large variety of birds, butterflies, monkeys, gibnut, tapir, and too many more to list. You may want to visit the Belize Zoo for more information.

Male Igunana
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The property is about a 30 minute drive from Georgeville (Western Highway) on a maintained all weather road. Georgeville is located roughly half way between San Ignacio and Belmopan, the Capital. To either of them, it is a 15 to 20 minute drive on a paved Highway. Click on Map on the left to enlarge, and look for the yellow arrow in the Cayo District.

Road to Barton Creek
Sold By Rainforest Realty

2006 Toyota Tacoma


This property comes with a well maintained, reliable 2006 Toyota
4x4 pick-up truck, which only has 39,000 km / 24,233 miles.

*Note: This vehicle can be excluded from the package to reduce the price*

Road through Mennonite Village
Watson - 2 1/2 year old German Shepard  

The house comes with king size bed, Maytag washer, ceiling fan in each room, Yamaha surround sound system, Satellite tv dish and receiver, 2 computer systems, lights & fixtures, patio furniture, power and hand tools & tool boxes, butane water heater, Haier portable electronic air conditioner, butane tanks (2 x 100 lb), plus a lot of miscelleanous items such as ice chests, bedding, kitchenware...
The cabana comes with queen size bed, coleman gas stove, 25 lb butane tank, ceiling fan, kitchenware...
This package also includes a lawn tractor, weed trimmer, misc gardening tools and much more.
Sunset at Barton Creek
Sold By Rainforest Realty

This is a turnkey sale, ready to move in. Owners are only keeping very personal items.

As Belize real estate goes, this property has much of what Belize has to offer!

~ Updated July 30th, 2009 ~


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